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Jerry's Texan Towing

Uniquely qualified to effectively accommodate the towing, roadside assistance, and recovery needs of motorists, law enforcement, and other commercial agencies through Texas; Texan Towing gets you from point A to point B in no time. Texan Towing remains distinguished by recognizing the importance of customer satisfaction and safety. With logistics, up to date GPS technology, and investment in the latest industry equipment, we provide quick and precise solutions to the most complex towing and recovery problems that might be presented, including issues related to roadside assistance and parking lot management.

8200 South Congress Austin, TX 78745

(512) 288-8626

(512) 892-5874



My daughter lost her keys which is not an easy fix for a VW and she was in a low clearance parking garage. A friend recommended Texan Towing, probably the best advice I had in a while. Friendly, professional and WOW were they fast plus they are one of the few that can even perform the task in low clearance areas. I don't recommend buying a Volkswagen because the only place you can get a Key is at dealership for a few hundred dollars but if you are ever in a pinch Texan Towing will pull you out. Thank you for help my daughter.

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